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Flawless Event Production.
Creative Storytelling.
Technical Solutions for a Changing World. 
Award Winning. Trusted. 35 Years of Experience.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

Legend has been perfecting the way Hybrid and Virtual events are deployed to maximize engagement for our clients. With hybrid, you have an opportunity to create a personalized experience for your attendees, whether they’re at the venue or streaming online. We have always had our hand in on-site events, video, and broadcast–all mediums that are now at the forefront of the event landscape.

In-Person Production & Event Staging

Legend is a recognized name in the Event and Video Production industry, sought out by conference and meeting planners for creativity and technical expertise.  Our team of experienced writers, designers, editors, show callers, operators, engineers, and admin professionals treat every event like they have ‘skin in the game,’ leading to flawless events and a rewarding collaborative experience.

Content Creation

Clients from across the business spectrum come to Legend to help connect with their audience. From scripting, to how a video sequence is designed, to the lighting and set design, these details make a difference in the audience experience. Our Clients appreciate that every moment has been conceptualized, strategized and executed with purpose.


Our Work

We know production.
During our nearly 35 years in the business as a global event production company, Legend Productions has seen a lot of things change. However, one thing remains constant: our clients need to connect and engage with their constituents, their employees, their partners, their shareholders, their customers. Through our expertise, care and unwavering commitment to creative storytelling, Legend has adapted and optimized. Above all, we continue to develop top quality, effective solutions for any kind of event--whether it’s video production, hybrid, virtual, broadcast, in person, or something entirely different.


Our Clients

We've had the privilege of working with some amazing clients over the years, here are just a few that we've had long and fruitful partnerships with.


Our Services

Producing is the art of assembling a team. Whether your project requires us to tap into one or several of our areas of strength, it’s the people that make the production come together. Here’s just a snapshot of what our people do.


Concept and Theme Development & Scripting

Video Production & Editing

Motion Graphic Design

Set Design & Build


Producing & Event Management

Event Design

Stage Management

Talent & Keynotes


Real Time Encoding & Vmix Switching

Lighting, Displays & Sound Systems

Production Workflow Optimization

Software & Hardware Solutions

" When it comes to event production, there are no second chances. "


Our Legendary Team

Our team is defined by passion. Passion for our clients, for our extended family of freelancers, and one another.

Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein

CEO View Details
Chris Lackner

Chris Lackner

Producer View Details
Angela Eisermann

Angela Eisermann

Project Manager View Details
Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein

Producer, VP Operations View Details
Lily Warpinski

Lily Warpinski

Executive Coordinator View Details


Company Mascot View Details
Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein


It all started for me in studio 8H at 30 Rock. It was the second ever episode at SNL and I was in the audience, watching live television unfold. The pace, energy and vibe in the studio on that October night in 1975 impresses me to this day. It’s this collaborative, “can do” spirit, production craft, and passion for success on a deadline that drives me and my vision for legend. More than anything after founding the company nearly 35 years ago I’m so proud that our eldest son Daniel will steward Legend for clients today and tomorrow.

When I’m not trekking the globe for our clients, I enjoy quiet family time spent around the lake boating, kayaking and enjoying the sounds of nature. Golf is a pet project for me. I enjoy musical theater. I’m a foodie that enjoys cuisine from around the world and I’m a passionate chef. Comedy is a performance art that I love. Laughter is truly the best medicine. My faves: Steve Martin, Martin Short, John Candy, Kristen Wiig, Gilda Radner.

Chris Lackner

Chris Lackner


Despite wanting to be an architect, as a freshman in college I decided to follow my heart and moved into media studies instead. That eventually led to a master’s in film production… which led to me joining Legend Productions. I’ve been a part of the Legend team for over a decade.

Starting out as a production assistant and video editor, I moved into event production but never left video behind. As it turned out, event production managed to scratch that old architecture itch. There’s a tremendous satisfaction in building a show. One has to account for every detail and element and put it all together into a seamless, working whole.

It’s great to be a part of this team. On that note, sushi is fine (we all need to eat), but when work stops, I’d rather be at a beer bar than a sushi bar. At Legend, we work as a team, but we also bring our own unique sensibilities to whatever we do and we’re stronger for it.

Angela Eisermann

Angela Eisermann

Project Manager

My “production life” started for me in High School, in a small studio in White Plains. As the intern, I was moving ‘old school’ video monitors and studio lights in heels. Although the subject matter was a little dry (continuing education credits for accounting), I knew that I had found my passion. The internship turned into a job, which turned into a freelance career running prompter, gripping, and creating graphics. Aside from corporate gigs I worked on independent films. It was during an indie screening where I realized how gratifying it is to have people applaud and react to projects I worked on. What I love about event and video production today is the pace, the one-on-one client partnerships, the travel, the variety of content, and an audience reacting to our work. But this ‘event life’ has some other perks – traveling to new cities, great food, and like so many on our team, new sushi finds around the globe. Favorite location: New Orleans – Love the music. Favorite sushi place: Zenbu in La Jolla. Lesson Learned (while on a Legend gig) in Taipei: After airline lost my luggage I learned the bare essentials for survival…toothpaste, deodorant, wallet, one change of clothes, phone and charger.

Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein

Producer, VP Operations

After freelancing with Legend and working in TV and Film production in Los Angeles for several years, I have joined Legend as a full time Producer. I bring with me an arsenal of creative and technical expertise to share with the Legend team, and our clients.
What draws me to the event production world is the opportunity to develop a project for weeks on end and see it on display on show day. Unlike the Feature and Commercial production environment, where endless hours are spent in front of a screen, event production puts you inside your creation, immersed with your audience, seeing their reactions first hand.
I spend time outside Legend as a personal trainer, yogi, leathercrafter and cyclist. All of which has taught me dedication, struggle, persistence and commitment to a project, clients, co-workers and myself.
Sushi fanatic.

Lily Warpinski

Lily Warpinski

Executive Coordinator

My passion for live events comes from a theatre background, specifically Classical and site-specific devised work. Going to NYU TIsch for college, I became enamored with the collaborative nature of doing whatever needs to be done (costumes, marketing, writing, accounting) to produce a live event, which led me to start my own touring theatre company after I graduated. Between my theatre projects and working as an admin supporting other film and theatre production companies, I’ve absorbed so much about what it takes to create a really engaging live experience.

This is all knowledge I get to bring to the table as Production Coordinator at Legend, and I’m thrilled to learn even more from this amazing team that’s as excited about live events as I am!

Outside of Legend, I still produce my own work with my theater company: A Very Good Theater Company, as well as dabble in a little writing gardening, sewing, baking and painting–because no person is just one thing.

Much to my colleagues’ chagrin, my favorite sushi is a Shrimp Tempura Roll.



Company Mascot


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