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Event Production Companies: Narrowing Your List of Potential Partners

event production companies narrowing the listAre you searching for event production companies that can pull off a general session of a conference with no hitches?

Companies that have been there and done that? Partners that check into every detail and put on a seamless conference where everything just works?

Well, your Google search is going to return a lot of results. Pages and pages, in fact.

Of course, we all know what has to happen next. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of results the engine returns, you’ll need to narrow your search.

What exactly are you looking for? What are you trying to accomplish? Would you like to go a little deeper with your next corporate event? If so, your next search is going to return far fewer names…..but Legend Productions will still be among them. Here’s why. Read more

Event Production Strategy: It’s Not Just and Event. It’s a Branding Opportunity.

event-production-balancing-act-medium_optWe’ve written before about the importance of considering audience engagement in your event production strategy. If an element of your event won’t help you connect with your audience and get your messages across to them more effectively, then you should probably cut it from the agenda.

Case in point: we once worked with a client who wanted to hire a Thomas Edison lookalike to appear on stage. They felt the character would speak to their key message and engage their audience.

They weren’t entirely wrong. But we felt the performer would come across a bit hokey and gimmicky—and we told them that.

There’s a fine line between putting your brand on a pedestal and putting your audience on a pedestal. Balance the two priorities, and you’ll come up with the perfect mix for your next event. Read more

Audience Engagement: What Works in Event Production

audience_engagementIn case you haven’t picked up on it by now, we at Legend Productions love event production. Really love it. We’d marry it if we could.

Sure, it’s hard work, with many people to coordinate and details to remember. But the rewards are many.

So, what’s the absolute best moment for an event planner? Well, exceeding a client’s expectations is always a great feeling. But for my money, the best moment is when an audience reacts exactly as the client wanted – or even better.

In short, our event production philosophy is all about audience engagement. If attendees are responding favorably to your message, taking the actions you wanted….and having a great time along the way, then we’ve done our job as your event production agency. Read more

Can a Video Production Company Produce TV-Quality Video?

video production company nycEver watched the Emmys or Grammys, The Tonight Show, or Saturday Night Live and wondered how they manage to produce all those breathtaking special effects?

Well, part of it is that they have seasoned professionals who can do pretty much anything. These folks are at the absolute top of their fields.

They’re also using incredible technology. In a lot of cases, it’s technology that didn’t even exist a year ago. But in video production, there’s no time to stop and learn. You have to hit the ground running, constantly finding new ways to embrace the latest looks and effects.

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good for the entertainment world. But we could never find a video production company that would be able to deliver this level of technical sophistication at a price we could afford.”

That’s where you’d be wrong. At Legend Productions, we’re a video production company that leverages the very latest technology—the same stuff the best TV and movie teams are using—to deliver stunning results. Read more

A Week in the Life of Our Video Production Company

video production company studioWhat’s a typical week in the life of a video production company?

The stock, clichéd answer is that there’s no typical week in the life of a video production company. A better answer would be that we’re ready for anything. Read more