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Producers of Hybrid/Online, Live Events and Presentation Content

When it comes to your next event, you’re putting it all on the line.

 So why would you take any chances in this time of change? Now more than ever experience matters.  At Legend Productions we’ve been navigating change for over 30 years.  Whether it’s how we help you tell your story to ever changing audiences to the technologies we deploy to help tell it, Legend has consistently been at the forefront of event production companies.  Our portfolio of work includes hundreds of projects produced and presented around the globe.  From project design through content production to online, live or hybrid event staging, we bring the necessary talent and experience to move your project forward with the most important thing of all: Trust.

Whether you’ve got an upcoming online conference, an awards gala going hybrid, or need feature quality packaged video content for an existing platform event, our Award winning Designers, Editors, Producers, Techs, Stage Managers and Directors are ready to go.

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Event Production


We are an event and video production company based in New York, while serving clients around the globe. We pride ourselves on delivering big agency results with personalized service, visionary creative, and flawless execution.

Legend Productions is uniquely positioned to bring together the key disciplines for your next project- content development, design and production, and event staging & management.

For more than 30 years, our credo has been "when it comes to event production you’ve got one shot to get it right, there are no second chances.”


Hybrid & Virtual Events

A hybrid event production has a live on site component and a live stream component.  Legend has successfully produced hybrid events around the globe.  COVID has brought the term Hybrid to the forefront of the conversation.   These events may originate in a venue or a TV production studio and blend live and interactive components.  Nowadays, we are building corporate conferences and events that look as much like a TV broadcast as they do a live event.    

Live & Experiential Events

Legend is a recognized name in the Event and Video Production industry.  Conference and Meeting planners seek us out for creativity and technical expertise.  We’ve delivered hundreds of seamless events. Conferences.  Employee meetings.  Awards Galas. Fundraisers.  We help our clients lift their ideas off the ground and bring them to life with creativity, professional acumen and flawless technical execution.   Our team of experienced writers, designers, editors, show callers, switcher ops, engineers and support teams treat every event like they have ‘skin in the game’.  Our clients have an excellent outcome and a pleasant working collaboration. 

Content Creation

  For a live event, a virtual event or a hybrid event, you’re bringing an audience to your brand.  How do you tell your story in an engaging and informative way?   Excellence in content design and technical production is the great separator.  What sets us apart from an AV company is our ability to sew it all together. We keep our eye on the big story and the execution details.  We deploy cutting edge techniques with video, graphics,  motivational speakers, lighting and music.  Every moment that the audience experiences has been conceptualized, strategized and executed with a purpose.  Our clients appreciate that we maintain the 30k foot view and drill down on the details at the same time.


Our Services

It takes a wide range of skills and talents to pull off a corporate event that not only goes smoothly, but also leaves a lasting impact on your audience. For more than 30 years, Legend Productions has delivered memorable experiences in the form of flawlessly executed corporate events and videos. We seek ways to engage audiences, exceed their expectations, and have a transformational effect on them.


Concept & Theme Development

Starting with a strong concept and treatment will give the production a clear path and also lead to endless possibilities with maximum impact.

Production & Event Design

How does your event look, sound and feel to your audience? Is it engaging? Does it start a conversation?  Our team of graphics designers, set designers, video directors, musical and lighting directors all work in harmony to ensure it hits on all cylinders.

Producer & Show Management

Our Producers and Show Management professionals are skilled and experienced, and are really nice people.


Narrations. Keynotes. Master of Ceremonies. Words count. Our writers and producers have worked collaboratively for years on technical works, inspirational remarks, and marketing copy for hundreds of projects.

Video Production, Editing and Motion Graphics

  Legend Productions is versed in the art and science of video creation.  From 4K shooting and editing to motion graphics and sound sweetening. We film on location, in a studio, or virtually. We have packages to send out for recording or capture events for streaming.  Our strength is in our versatility and experience as we incorporate the newest tools into our workflow.

Stage Management

It would be an understatement to say our stage managers are excellent. They are simply the best in the business. You may find them calling the Tonys or The Kennedy Center Honors or other high profile events around the globe.

Scenic Design

Scenic design is one of those elements that speaks immediately to your audience. Your audience walks in and what they see has just made an impression. We are here to ensure that it is a good one.


Legend brings out of the box solutions to integrate Sponsors and Exhibitors into live or virtual events. We design and execute activations that are on message and are thought out to provide maximum stakeholder ROI.

" When it comes to event production, there are no second chances. "


Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Conduent Employee Meeting
Mastercard Cybersecurity & Risk Summit
Effie Awards
MMA CEO & CMO Summit
Skift Global Forum
Municipal Art Society Summit for NYC
USA Today at Cannes Festival
IIS Global Insurance Forum

Our Legendary Team

Our team is defined by passion. Passion for our clients, for our extended family of freelancers, and one another.

Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein

CEO View Details
Chris Lackner

Chris Lackner

Producer View Details
Angela Eisermann

Angela Eisermann

Project Manager View Details
Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein

Associate Producer View Details
Lilian Warpinski

Lilian Warpinski

Executive Coordinator View Details


Company Mascot View Details
Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein


It all started for me in studio 8H at 30 Rock. It was the second ever episode at SNL and I was in the audience, watching live television unfold. The pace, energy and vibe in the studio on that October night in 1975 has stuck with me since. In 1976 during an internship I witnessed the same thing week after week. During my 4 years at the Newhouse School at Syracuse I worked summers at various NYC production houses. When I graduated, a Producer was kind enough to refer me to an opening at Gannett, where my life as a Corporate Producer had begun. Within a year I was a passenger on the corporate jet taking USA Today on a roadshow to launch it to the ad community. During my 7 years there, I had staged and produced content for virtually every division of this media giant. Wanting to diverge from ad sales content at the time, I left and started Legend Productions. To this day, USA Today remains a client. I love running Legend Productions because virtually every project presents the same challenges and adventures I was part of at SNL. When I’m not trekking the globe for our clients, I like to spend time with my wife and three sons. For me, down time is best served up on or near a body of water. I love boating and I’m a sushi enthusiast. That enthusiasm has rubbed off on the team and we make it a point to find quality sushi in every market we work in. Favorite TV series: SNL, of course. Favorite film: Life is Beautiful. Favorite play: Book of Mormon.

Chris Lackner

Chris Lackner


Despite wanting to be an architect, as a freshman in college I decided to follow my heart and moved into media studies instead. That eventually led to a master’s in film production… which led to me joining Legend Productions. I’ve been a part of the Legend team for over a decade.

Starting out as a production assistant and video editor, I moved into event production but never left video behind. As it turned out, event production managed to scratch that old architecture itch. There’s a tremendous satisfaction in building a show. One has to account for every detail and element and put it all together into a seamless, working whole.

It’s great to be a part of this team. On that note, sushi is fine (we all need to eat), but when work stops, I’d rather be at a beer bar than a sushi bar. At Legend, we work as a team, but we also bring our own unique sensibilities to whatever we do and we’re stronger for it.

Angela Eisermann

Angela Eisermann

Project Manager

My “production life” started for me in High School, in a small studio in White Plains. As the intern, I was moving ‘old school’ video monitors and studio lights in heels. Although the subject matter was a little dry (continuing education credits for accounting), I knew that I had found my passion. The internship turned into a job, which turned into a freelance career running prompter, gripping, and creating graphics. Aside from corporate gigs I worked on independent films. It was during an indie screening where I realized how gratifying it is to have people applaud and react to projects I worked on. What I love about event and video production today is the pace, the one-on-one client partnerships, the travel, the variety of content, and an audience reacting to our work. But this ‘event life’ has some other perks – traveling to new cities, great food, and like so many on our team, new sushi finds around the globe. Favorite location: New Orleans – Love the music. Favorite sushi place: Zenbu in La Jolla. Lesson Learned (while on a Legend gig) in Taipei: After airline lost my luggage I learned the bare essentials for survival…toothpaste, deodorant, wallet, one change of clothes, phone and charger.

Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein

Associate Producer

After several years freelancing with Legend followed by three years working in TV and Film production in Los Angeles, I have returned as a full time Associate Producer. I bring with me an arsenal of creative and technical expertise to share with the Legend team, and our clients. 

What draws me to the event production world is the opportunity to create a product for weeks on end and see it on display on show day. Unlike the Feature and Commercial production environment, where endless hours are spent in front of a screen, event production puts you inside your creation, immersed with your audience, seeing their reactions first hand.

I spend time outside Legend as a personal trainer, yogi, and cyclist. All of which has taught me dedication, struggle, persistence and commitment to clients, co-workers and myself. 

Sushi fanatic.

Lilian Warpinski

Lilian Warpinski

Executive Coordinator

My passion for live events comes from a theatre background, specifically Classical and site-specific devised work. The hook for me has always been the immediate visceral connection you can have with the audience as a performer, but, I don’t think that’s exclusively a theatre thing, you can get the same immersive feeling from a concert, or an engaging lecture, or even a really good conference.

Going to NYU TIsch for college, I became enamored with the collaborative nature of doing whatever needs to be done (costumes, marketing, writing, accounting) to produce a live event, which led me to start my own touring theatre company after I graduated. Between my theatre projects and working as an admin supporting other film and theatre production companies, I’ve absorbed so much about what it takes to create a really engaging live experience.

This is all knowledge I get to bring to the table as Production Coordinator at Legend, and I’m thrilled to learn even more from this amazing team that’s as excited about live events as I am!

Some Fun Facts:
I have a thirst for adventure and love to travel. Barcelona and Marseille are my favorite places, I also love a good road trip (mostly for the snacks).
I’m an avid baker and could eat croissants and pizza literally every day of my life.
I love to garden and fill every square foot of my outdoor space with plants.



Company Mascot
  • Give our heartfelt thanks to your whole team, who were/are amazing one and all, for allowing me not to worry about what’s going on in the theater at any given moment.  Sydney and I feel very safe in your hands and we look forward to the next one.

    Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Your video elicited a heartfelt response from a person from whom I’ve never before seen emotion exhibited, telling a group that viewing it gave him goose bumps and a “full heart.” You captured the essence of the Edison Awards—how amazing it is to be a part of the human species with its self-generated inventive possibilities.

    Edison Awards
  • Our annual gala is “THE” event of the year for our organization. It’s where our brand is showcased in front of top C-Suite level influencers in marketing and advertising. There is no room for error, and the Legend team recognizes this, providing consistent dedication each year to ensuring a memorable experience for our audience every time. 

    Effie Awards
  • Each project with Legend showcases your commitment to high-quality service. Your talented staff embraces our objectives and priorities, contributing innovative and cost-effective solutions to produce flawless events. This collaborative spirit makes Legend a valuable asset. 

  • IIS has engaged the services of Legend Productions team for 18 years, covering no less than 15 countries in four continents, before audiences of close to 10,000. We have relied on the expertise, creativity and professionalism of Legend Productions and have been consistently rewarded with first rate results.

    International Insurance Society
  • What a meeting! Every element was in place, including an AV production the likes of which we have never seen before. You and your team were extraordinary and added tremendously to our event at The Wigwam. 





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