Hybrid & Virtual Events

Legend has been perfecting the way Hybrid and Virtual events are deployed to maximize engagement for our clients. With hybrid, you have an opportunity to create a personalized experience for your attendees, whether they’re at the venue or streaming online. We have always had our hand in on-site events, video, and broadcast–all mediums that are now at the forefront of the event landscape.

In-Person Production & Event Staging

Legend is a recognized name in the Event and Video Production industry, sought out by conference and meeting planners for creativity and technical expertise.  Our team of experienced writers, designers, editors, show callers, operators, engineers, and admin professionals treat every event like they have ‘skin in the game,’ leading to flawless events and a rewarding collaborative experience.

Content Creation

Clients from across the business spectrum come to Legend to help connect with their audience. From scripting, to how a video sequence is designed, to the lighting and set design, these details make a difference in the audience experience. Our Clients appreciate that every moment has been conceptualized, strategized and executed with purpose.