April 24, 2023 Lilian Warpinski

Legend Productions Knows New York

NY Event Production

Legend Productions is a New York Event Production Company.

What does that really mean? Well? The long and short of it is: we know New York.

And it’s not just because we can see the New York City skyline from our office on the Hudson.

 We’ve been in and around New York for over 35 years, which means we’ve seen a lot of things change, but we know that the fundamentals will always stay the same.

Our connections in the city run deep.

There are some AV Vendors and amazing freelance specialists that we’ve been working with for decades. Because of these relationships, Legend is able to not only get you the highest quality equipment and personnel, but we can do so working with your budget.

This city is always reinventing itself.

New venues spring up every year, and Legend makes a point to get to know as many of them as we can. You can bet that if you have a New York venue in mind, Legend has worked there, or that we know someone who has. We help our clients navigate venue’s quirks and idiosyncrasies, use the venue’s best attributes to their advantage, and negotiate with in-house crew to make sure that things progress exactly as intended. Years of working in and around New York means that we know what questions to ask, which streets to avoid, and where to grab the best slice of pizza.

To be a New Yorker is to be adaptable.

To be called a New York Event Production Company means you have to be flexible and tuned into the ever-changing nature of your location, as well as the needs of our clients. In our quest to provide our clients with exceptional experiences (also a very New York thing to do), Legend researches the latest technical advancements, the newest scenic design elements, and new video formats. All of this is in service of creating a multi-sensory experience that is as unique and vibrant as the great city where your event is taking place, as individualized and striving as the colleagues and teams attending your event.

Even within this this scope of expertise, to break it down to true brass tacks, what you can really count on is a NY Company that is well-versed in how to tell a story, design an experience, deliver on-target content.

There’s always something going on.

This season we have a couple of events happening in and around the city, each at a different venue, each with a completely different sensibility and concept. It’s one of the reasons we love producing events here: New York contains multitudes, and its capacity for excellence is unparalleled.

New Yorkers tell it like it is.

If you’re coming to New York for a corporate event, Legend Productions is a great and trusted resource to tap. With our expertise, network, flexibility, attention to detail, and reputation in AV production, Legend is the perfect partner to help you plan and execute a live event in the city that never sleeps (and its surrounding areas).