Location, location, location…

August 23, 2016
August 23, 2016 Conner Goldstein

Location, location, location…


Whether it’s a vineyard in California’s beautiful wine country, or a beachfront resort in the South Pacific, Legend Productions is poised and ready to bring your event to life.

Having just returned from a multi-week, multi-project stint on the other side of the globe, we thought it’d be a good idea to stress the importance of location adaptability. After all, what’s more important than ensuring your production team can adapt to whichever beautiful locale you’ve chosen for your event?

Now, you might be asking ‘why is that so important?’ Let us explain.

Last week, while in Bali (yes, yes – we know that sounds more like a vacation than a production – we promise, it wasn’t), we did a little bit of self-reflection and reaffirmed what we have long-held to be true: that no matter where on Earth your event is being produced, there are always obstacles to be encountered.

We admit, obstacles may sound a little scary…but we wouldn’t bring them up if we weren’t absolutely sure of our ability to hurdle them. We acknowledge that in a perfect world an unlimited budget might alleviate these issues. But, for the world we live in, the one we have traversed time and time again, Legend Productions has the expertise to conquer every obstacle that may arise.

With global experience, 28 years of it to be exact, Legend has gained the ability to identify and extinguish all of these obstacles – all the way from language and cultural barriers to on-site resource procurement and fabrication of custom furniture. And though we are capable of devising solutions to these problems on the spot, we prefer to live by the mentality of preparing for every possible outcome.

So, while we may be preparing for every possible complication from our office in New York, you can rest assured that our approach is an adaptable one, no matter where your event is located.

If you find comfort in being prepared for the worst, yet expectant for the best, we’d love for you to get in touch with us on our website today.  

As a tight-knit and nimble event production team, Legend Productions, Inc. has a longstanding record of traversing the globe and offering seamless content, creative production, and technical execution.

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