Thanks for being flexible!

Every organization should pride itself on providing a positive business experience, and we think that most are grateful to clients who recognize that. There is, however, one piece of feedback that we find particularly striking – and that is when clients say “thanks for being flexible.”

Flexibility is, of course, a desirable trait of anyone with whom you do business, which is why it’s most certainly a two-way street. It demonstrates a bend-without-breaking mentality that allows both client and vendor to overcome challenges together. In our experience, it’s that hand-in-hand approach that helps build a level of trust and commitment that fosters prosperous business relationships.

The importance of a flexible strategy is further accentuated by the specific challenges that businesses find themselves needing to conquer. In the journey of an event production, these range anywhere from fluctuating budget restraints and physical venue limitations to creative content requirements. These are all made even more difficult by the nature of up to the second changes in programming, speakers, and real time data.  Again, by forging flexible solutions to these problems together, a client and vendor not only build a strong working relationship – they create an environment where successful outcomes are par for the course.

Just in case successful outcomes sounds enticing to you (it should!), we thought it might help to share some of the techniques that we employ to promote a flexible environment. Read more

Location, location, location…


Whether it’s a vineyard in California’s beautiful wine country, or a beachfront resort in the South Pacific, Legend Productions is poised and ready to bring your event to life.

Having just returned from a multi-week, multi-project stint on the other side of the globe, we thought it’d be a good idea to stress the importance of location adaptability. After all, what’s more important than ensuring your production team can adapt to whichever beautiful locale you’ve chosen for your event?

Now, you might be asking ‘why is that so important?’ Let us explain.

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