Embracing Opportunity. Oh, and a new Legend website!

February 1, 2016 Sarah Sewchek

Embracing Opportunity. Oh, and a new Legend website!

When we at Legend Productions decided to revamp our website, I was excited for the possibilities. I didn’t feel like our previous website appropriately represented the event production company I was working for.   When I was tasked with leading the charge on the website creation, I was even more thrilled to have been given the opportunity.

I must admit, I had zero experience creating a website, but I seized this opportunity as one to grow my skills and push my limits.   Our culture of learning at Legend Productions inspired me to take this challenge and run with it.

Our team practices what we preach. When a client has a goal or idea in mind, our response is “of course we can do it.” We’re always curious, and forever learning the newest techniques in production. So even if we’re exploring something we’ve not done before, our culture thrives on the challenge. Our team really knows what it takes to make an idea come to life. We view it as an opportunity to learn and better ourselves, and the company, in the process.

Everything we do at Legend Productions is a team effort, and our new website is no exception. When we combine our talents, we end up with a product that is truly great. Our passion drives us to deliver results that both our clients and we can be proud of.

So with that, I proudly invite you to visit our website at legendproductionsinc.com. It’s mobile friendly, so break out your phone.  I hope that it will bring us together for a project soon. For 28 years (long before I started), Legend has been traveling the globe producing corporate events and corporate videos for our clients. Let’s start a conversation.


Sarah Sewchek