September 10, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Better Corporate Event Production in Just 7 Words


Planning a major corporate event? Well, then you’re obviously busy, so I’ll keep this succinct. Here are just seven words to keep in mind:

1. Content.

Is your client a tech company, a creative company, or a strategy company? No matter what, content is their great separator. Their audience is there to be entertained, informed, inspired, or motivated. That means your client’s story is what matters. There’s a reason that broadcasting and media companies are always talking about content: it’s because content is the great differentiator that no amount of hype and special effects can replace.

2. Expertise.

It may seem obvious that you should be working with the best supporting team available. But it’s worth repeating because some companies will engage low-cost, unknown players to fill holes in their team and then hope that everything works out. Unfortunately, these partners can easily become the weakest links in your chain.

Before your next event, ask yourself: Is the writer immersed in our world? Is our stage manager seasoned? Is our tech team skilled in the latest technologies? The only acceptable answer to questions like these is “yes.”

3. Calm.

We live in the Age of Busy. There’s an implied virtue in being a fast talker, in checking email constantly, in performing tasks in a sort of frenzy. But this rush-rush mindset can actually make a crisis worse. When things are going less than perfectly and need to be steered back on course before your audience notices, you need to be working with partners who are calm in the face of adversity.

4. Value.

The value of your event will come not only in the form of return on investment, but also in return on experience—in the perception that your audience walks away with. That’s why Legend Productions doesn’t just focus on how many sales you make after an event. We always aim to deliver big in terms of enhancing your relationship with your audience and your stakeholders. That’s when the true value of your event becomes palpable.

5. Communication.

While your production team keeps the stage lights running, they shouldn’t be keeping you in the dark. They should make sure you’re always informed about what’s going on with your event, and should answer questions directly without sugar-coating situations. This open communication is the essence of building trust.

6. Trust.

Is your corporate event the most important thing going on in your life at the moment? In some ways, it probably is. Sure, we would all put good health, family, and friends at the top of our list of life priorities—but you’ll only have the energy for these things if you have a corporate event production team you can trust. Working with the right partners takes the stress out of your life and lets you leave the office at the office.

7. Humor.

When the Big Event is looming it can be easy to take ourselves too seriously. All things being equal, wouldn’t you rather be able to laugh about your work? It’s much easier to have a sense of humor throughout the event planning process if you work with a team that’s not only highly skilled, but also has enough experience to anticipate the challenges and deal with any apparent disaster that could possibly arise.

And there it is—a good corporate event production mindset in just seven words. Got any words you would add to the list? Please share your thoughts below.

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