July 18, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Not All Results Are Quantifiable: The Value of Feedback in Event Planning and Video Production

event planning video productionThere’s an old saying in business that what gets measured gets done. The implication, of course, is that if we can’t show measurable results for a business activity, it’s going to fall by the wayside as we spend more time and energy focusing on the stuff that generates numbers.

This assumption seems reasonable to me. And I’d say it even applies to event planning and video production. We tend to measure our success in terms of attendees, repeat attendees, leads driven, money raised, or views of an online video.

But there’s a point at which this kind of thinking goes too far. Have you noticed that nowadays, it’s common in business to scoff at the anecdotal and pay heed only to the cold, hard facts?

Cold, hard facts can certainly lead us to smarter spending on corporate events. But let’s not ignore good stories when we come across them.

You Won’t Believe This Note

Forgive me if this comes across as bragging, but Legend Productions recently received an absolutely wonderful testimonial:

Dear Legend Team–
I appreciate your giving me a few minutes this morning to express my gratitude for the opening video you created for us. As I mentioned, there were a couple people at my table who are quite difficult to impress, and they both gave a two-thumbs up, whispering to me that the video was “tremendous” and “wow!” Also, your video elicited a heartfelt response from a person from whom I’ve never before seen emotion exhibited, telling a group that viewing it gave him goose bumps and a “full heart.” You captured the essence of the Edison Awards—how amazing it is to be a part of the human species with its self-generated inventive possibilities.

Wow. First of all, we managed to impress two people who probably have very high expectations for corporate videos. That’s a feather in our cap.

But to get a strong emotional reaction out of a man who rarely shows any emotion at all? I can’t see that as anything but a win.

Now, before we produced this video, we did what we always do: we sat down with our client and carefully discussed the goals for this project. There were specific results we wanted to achieve, and specific actions we wanted viewers to take after seeing the video.

There are numbers associated with those goals—and again, I have nothing against numbers. But if we focused solely on those numbers, my team and I would have missed the big picture of what that video accomplished.

How to Measure Your True Impact

The moral of this story is that if you put the right creative team in place, there’s no limit to what you can do. But you have to know how to measure your impact.

Yes, you should set specific measurable goals for your corporate events and videos. Yes, you should keep extensive data on your ROI.

But you should also make note of the feedback you receive, the hearts you touched, the lives you changed. Keep recollections—especially the unsolicited ones—in a journal, a binder, or a folder on your organization’s network. And give those anecdotes just as much weight as your data when you’re planning your next event.

After all, we’re not calculators. We’re humans.

If your humans would like some input from our humans about injecting the “wow” factor into your next corporate event or video, please drop us a line today.

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