May 8, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Event Production Companies: Narrowing Your List of Potential Partners

event production companies narrowing the listAre you searching for event production companies that can pull off a general session of a conference with no hitches?

Companies that have been there and done that? Partners that check into every detail and put on a seamless conference where everything just works?

Well, your Google search is going to return a lot of results. Pages and pages, in fact.

Of course, we all know what has to happen next. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of results the engine returns, you’ll need to narrow your search.

What exactly are you looking for? What are you trying to accomplish? Would you like to go a little deeper with your next corporate event? If so, your next search is going to return far fewer names…..but Legend Productions will still be among them. Here’s why.

Ready to Think Outside the Box? So Are We.

Not every company’s event planning needs begin and end with an annual customer conference that features a few keynote speakers, a bunch of breakout sessions, a cocktail party, a fancy dinner, and an awards ceremony. If your organization is like most, you’re focusing more and more on the audience experience, on true engagement.

You may have decided to accomplish that engagement by changing up your format, your setting, your décor, your guest list, your speaker list….in short, just about everything.

That’s going to force you to think outside the box—and compel your event planning partner to do the same. Not every event production company is prepared to do this kind of thinking. But Legend Productions is.

Sure, we can fly in a crew to pull off your very straightforward user conference. But we really thrive at designing custom events that break through your audience’s preconceived notions of your organization and leave a lasting impression.

So, if you engage us for your next conference, don’t think our expertise ends at the edge of the main stage. It’s entirely possible we have a breakthrough idea (or three) for the gala dinner that follows your general session.

And then there’s the challenge of sponsorship activation. Got a sponsor that needs you to weave their products and services into the experience? Want to make sure you deliver on their expectations without making your audience feel like they’ve sat through a three-day commercial?

Again, Legend Productions has the creative chops to help you meet these objectives without deviating from your highest-level objectives for your conference or other event.

An All-in-One Event Production Company?

At this point, you may be thinking, “Wow. Legend Productions can really do it all.”

If so, you’re wrong.

Legend Productions will never claim to be all things to all clients. There are certain capabilities we simply don’t have in-house. For example, there’s a lot going on right now with projection mapping—playing video on 3-D surfaces. It’s really cool (if you’ve never seen it, check it out), and we love to design cool, but we’ll tap the technical experts to execute flawlessly.

We’ll make the connections and assemble the team so that you won’t have to work with five different vendors to produce your event.

Hey, if we’re not great at something, we don’t want to do it at all. But we know exactly who to call to get you the quality and service you deserve.

In the end, you’ll have an outstanding yet seamless event experience—and so will your guests. Isn’t that what it’s all about? We’d love to learn more about what you have in mind for your next corporate event, so please get in touch today.