April 16, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Event Production Strategy: It’s Not Just and Event. It’s a Branding Opportunity.

event-production-balancing-act-medium_optWe’ve written before about the importance of considering audience engagement in your event production strategy. If an element of your event won’t help you connect with your audience and get your messages across to them more effectively, then you should probably cut it from the agenda.

Case in point: we once worked with a client who wanted to hire a Thomas Edison lookalike to appear on stage. They felt the character would speak to their key message and engage their audience.

They weren’t entirely wrong. But we felt the performer would come across a bit hokey and gimmicky—and we told them that.

There’s a fine line between putting your brand on a pedestal and putting your audience on a pedestal. Balance the two priorities, and you’ll come up with the perfect mix for your next event.

Event Production Without Compromise

The client who wanted to hire the Edison impersonator wanted to immerse the audience in the history of invention.

Involving Edison was a clever way to do that. But such a maneuver can make an audience uncomfortable and damage your brand—even if you’re communicating your message clearly and consistently.

Choosing an inappropriate guest star is just one example. There are so many times in event production in which companies are tempted to compromise on their brand image a bit as they seek to make an impact on their audience.

For example, many companies are willing to change their expectations for an event simply because a partner or sponsor offered them some much-needed funds in exchange for a certain amount of creative control over the event. So they take the contribution and agree to incorporate an element that doesn’t really speak to their brand.

But would you let your biggest, best-funded partner shoot T-shirts into the crowd at your next executive symposium? Didn’t think so.

On the opposite end of the spectrum would be a company that needs funds but is afraid to reach out to a sponsor for help—so they simply cut vital elements from their event or awards ceremony. This is where we often consult our clients on what kinds of partners to engage and how to approach them.

When you involve the right partners in the right way, you can make your event a win-win for all companies involved without having to compromise your corporate ideals.

Put It All Together. Legend Productions Can Help.

Do you have a bold vision for your next major corporate event? Are you uncertain which elements of the event will resonate best with your audience, how many of these elements you can even afford, and how to put it all together in ways that will nail your key messages and support your brand? This is where Legend Productions really shines. Drop us a line today to discuss your needs and goals.

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