April 2, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Audience Engagement: What Works in Event Production

audience_engagementIn case you haven’t picked up on it by now, we at Legend Productions love event production. Really love it. We’d marry it if we could.

Sure, it’s hard work, with many people to coordinate and details to remember. But the rewards are many.

So, what’s the absolute best moment for an event planner? Well, exceeding a client’s expectations is always a great feeling. But for my money, the best moment is when an audience reacts exactly as the client wanted – or even better.

In short, our event production philosophy is all about audience engagement. If attendees are responding favorably to your message, taking the actions you wanted….and having a great time along the way, then we’ve done our job as your event production agency.

How We Get to Audience Engagement

Getting audiences to respond enthusiastically is our main goal for any event we plan. There’s a simple approach we take to make that happen: we constantly remind our clients to see things not exclusively from their corporate point of view, but through the eyes of their audience.

That sounds stunningly obvious, but you’d be amazed at how often companies approach event planning in terms of all the messages they want to pack into an afternoon, day, or week.

Our job, then, is to help them take their inward-focused approach and redefine it. We have to convince them that it’s not about how great you are, it’s about how great the audience is.

Making that mental transition can be scary. It involves a “letting go.”

But we know it’s effective because it’s grounded in rock-solid marketing and communication techniques.

Who’s the Hero of Your Story? (Hint: It’s Not You)

One of the long-accepted rules about marketing is that you can’t just drone on and on about your products, services, and company. You should focus on the needs of the target buyer and then explain why you’re the best company to solve them.

After all, you’re not the hero in your marketing story. It’s the customer who’s the hero. She’s the decisive leader. She’s the bold innovator. She’s the brilliant thinker.

And she’ll take the action you desire if you show her exactly how your product or service can bring out the very best in her.

By the same token, your events should make attendees the center of attention.

Sure, you’ll want your next annual sales meeting to include a detailed presentation from your VP of sales, just like every year.

But think harder. Your audience will be largely the same from year to year. Do you really want to give them exactly the same experience but with a new tagline slapped on it?

Or do you want to help them interact more deeply with you and your messages?

Could you use music to inspire? Would an entertainment element or two help break the ice? Can you incorporate what you learned from last year’s event to make this year’s agenda tighter, more relevant, more tailored to your audience?

Let Legend Productions Sweat the Details

Maybe you’re planning an awards ceremony. At first glance, the agenda will be simple enough. But if you’re truly keeping your audience at the center of the event, you’ll need to make sure all elements of the show are executed with a certain level of taste.

Are you planning to give each winner an appropriate amount of time in the spotlight? Have you coordinated all the details so that the waiters won’t be milling around pouring coffee when your host takes the stage?

Engaging your audience means sweating the small stuff. You could do that yourself if you have the time – or, you could work with Legend Productions. When you’re ready to talk about how to bring your next crowd to a new level of audience engagement, drop us a line.