March 5, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

Can a Video Production Company Produce TV-Quality Video?

video production company nycEver watched the Emmys or Grammys, The Tonight Show, or Saturday Night Live and wondered how they manage to produce all those breathtaking special effects?

Well, part of it is that they have seasoned professionals who can do pretty much anything. These folks are at the absolute top of their fields.

They’re also using incredible technology. In a lot of cases, it’s technology that didn’t even exist a year ago. But in video production, there’s no time to stop and learn. You have to hit the ground running, constantly finding new ways to embrace the latest looks and effects.

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good for the entertainment world. But we could never find a video production company that would be able to deliver this level of technical sophistication at a price we could afford.”

That’s where you’d be wrong. At Legend Productions, we’re a video production company that leverages the very latest technology—the same stuff the best TV and movie teams are using—to deliver stunning results.

Reap the Benefits of the Latest Technology

We don’t believe in using technology for technology’s sake. But here’s the stuff we’re most excited about right now.

Ever heard of 4K video? It refers to digital video that achieves the resolution of 4096×2160 pixels. Of course, most consumer televisions require a 16×9 aspect ratio, so to make it fit, they reduce the resolution to 3840×2160 and call it 4K Ultra HD. Either way, 4K video technology can give you outstanding clarity and detail in your next corporate video.

There’s also LED lighting. LED Lighting uses less power, generates little to no heat and is great for getting in and getting set up in those corporate suites where time is precious. L

And wonderful things are happening with DSLR cameras, which continue to offer higher and higher resolutions and value-added features in increasingly affordable packages. That means a video production company like ours can upgrade our equipment regularly and let you reap the benefits.

As content creators, we at Legend Productions have all of these tools at our disposal. We’ll never use technology for technology’s sake. Our challenge is to fit the right tools to the right project so that your video gets the look it deserves.

How to Get Feature Quality for Your Next Video

The quality of video production equipment continues to rise. The costs to deploy these new technologies continue to come down. That’s a great thing for you, because when you engage a video production company to pull off your next high-profile project, you can get a feature-quality look for a corporate-video budget. The disparity between shooting a feature film and a “feature-looking” film for a corporate audience is much narrower today than it was even five years ago. Contact us to find out how you can work this trend to your benefit.