February 26, 2015 Jeff W. Goldstein

A Week in the Life of Our Video Production Company

video production company studioWhat’s a typical week in the life of a video production company?

The stock, clichéd answer is that there’s no typical week in the life of a video production company. A better answer would be that we’re ready for anything.

Case in point: within one recent week, we received an outline from a new nonprofit client for a video training series. We met with the client to discuss their philosophical approach to training and make sure we’re all on the same page. Then we did some location scouting, took location stills, and scheduled our shoot for a few weeks in the future. Throughout the process, there was lots of back-and-forth by phone as our client asked us plenty of questions about how we’ll handle various elements of the project.

Concurrent with this engagement, a repeat client called to book us for a project in the south of France. That will mean lots of hard work engaging local French production staff to get the job with our New York based Producer and Director. It will also mean drinking lots of good wine while we’re on location.

Again, we’re ready for anything!

How We Help You Do Your Thing

So, what does all of this mean for you? Not only does Legend Productions have the experience and expertise to take on a wide range of projects, but we also specialize in helping clients who aren’t even sure what they want or need.

Naturally, we sometimes work with new clients who spell out exactly how they expect their video project to flow. But many of our clients come in with a vague idea of what they want to convey, a few specific elements they’d like to see included in the final project….and not much else.

That’s where we do our thing. Which is to help you do your thing.

We start by asking the right questions to find out as much as we can about what you really want. In the process, you’ll probably discover you have many more ideas than you even realized.

We then continue by applying everything in our creative arsenal to come up with solutions for communicating whatever you’re trying to say.

That could mean making sure we use the right fonts and text to get exactly the right emotional response from your audience. It could mean finding precisely the right actors and actresses to deliver your message. It could mean moving your presentation from a hotel conference room with a fixed camera to a studio with multiple cameras.

It could even mean finding a speech and presentation coach to work with your executives so that they can speak and act in a way that better represents your corporate brand.

It’s what makes the difference between just another corporate video, and something memorable.

Turn Mundane into Memorable

At Legend Productions, we’re ready for anything. We know how to suggest ways to go outside your comfort zone and break into new creative ground. When you’re ready to turn something mundane into something memorable, contact Legend Productions. Click here to learn more about our video production services.